AOW 36: Evan Bourne

WWEs Evan Bourne joins us Evan can be seen every Monday on Monday Night Raw. Evan and Colt sit down in Chicago and talk about wrestling and life. Evans one of the greatest highflyers in wrestling history but also a fun loving, free spirit character. Enjoy

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5 Responses to AOW 36: Evan Bourne

  1. H says:

    Compared to this, Miz’s awesomeness is like a baby girl. Unbelievably good. Sydal’s amazing. I’m glad I had to listen to this.

    Keep them coming, Mr. Colt.

  2. jay-r says:

    LMAO WTF was that at the end?

  3. KDOGG says:

    enjoyed it! & thx for $5 wrestling live in ATL……i had a great time, & it was great 2 finally meet u!

  4. Colt Cabunny says:

    “FROM ST. LOUIS MISSOURI, JORDAN JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  5. Dipika says:

    can i download this onto my ipod on itunes

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