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AOW 75: Sami Callihan

Sami is one of the young, talented wrestler on the indy scene today. Sami and Colt sit-down and discuss body transformation, traveling, paying your dues amongst many other topics. The last show of 2011. Happy New Year.

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AOW 74: Grizzly Redwood

The littlest lumberjack has a helluva tale to tell. Grizzly and Colt strike up a fun talk about life, death, almost death and living life! Did that make sense?! Plus, take a listen to a Superfan…Thunder

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AOW 73: Harry Smith

Hes the son of the British Bulldog. Harry Smith is also one of the top wrestlers in the world, professionally and hold for hold. The Canadian and Chicagoan sit down and have a fun talk about wrestling, traveling, CHISM and … Continue reading

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AOW 72: Puppet

Midget wrestler Puppet the Psycho Dwarf is the first ever little person to join the podcast. He breaks it down to Colt on what that world is exactly like. Plus Stu Stone joins Colt for a quick chat.

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