AOW 76: Rhino

ECW and WWE Goar-master, The Manbeast RHINO has done so much and made such a great name for himself in the world of wrestling. Colt and Rhino have a conversation about the life as a wrestler and share some stories from the road.

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9 Responses to AOW 76: Rhino

  1. M10 says:

    Eww, 19 minutes in and he puts over his wrestling school more than his entire family and pets. RUN COLT! RUN AND DON’T LOOK BACK!

  2. Richard says:

    Dear Colt,



  3. Floquet De Neu says:

    So how much did Rhino weight when he worked for Otto Wanz in Germany? 3?? lbs.

  4. Louis O'Hara says:

    I always liked Rhyno when I was younger, until I met him a few years back at a TNA show in England (Coventry) and he was kind of a massive dick. :\

  5. KDOGG says:

    yes, they still have radar detectors!

  6. OG-Omega Green says:

    Thanks for doing the podcast Colt.

  7. zen says:

    Goooooore! Rhino rules! super cool guy, should have been pushed more than he was.

  8. f.z. says:

    Please get an interview of Christian too. I know you’ve met him, Colt! And Edge/Adam too if possible.

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