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AOW 101: Adam Cole

Adam Cole is one of the bright future stars of pro wrestling. Hes going about his career the right way by traveling and wrestling in the right places. From the amish towns of PA, its fun to see how a … Continue reading

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AOW 100: Colt Cabana Hosted by CM Punk

CM Punk, WWE Champion, hosts the 100th episode. Punk takes over all of the duties including plugs and upcoming events. Punk sits down and has a conversation with his best bud Colt. Listen to the usual Colt and Punk hijinks … Continue reading

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AOW 99: Gabe Sapolsky

The Matchmaker! Not in the Jewish song way, but the pro wrestling way. Gabe was one of the founders of ROH and is the booking mind behind some of the best young talent in the country. Gabe and Colt worked … Continue reading

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AOW 98: HeadBanger Mosh

Mosh was there in the WWF during the Attitude Era. Now, the Headbangers are still wrestling on the independents scene. Mosh is JUST A KID FROM NEW JERSEY. Listen to his story as him and Colt sit down to converse.

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