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AOW 119: Katie Lea

In WWE she was Katie Lea Burchill, Winter in TNA and now Katarina roams the US soil. Shes an import from Europe and a fun personality. Colt and Katie Lea go back from his tours of England. Enjoy there little … Continue reading

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AOW 118: Mike Hughes

Learn your Canadian wrestling history with Mike Hughes. Mike has wrestled all over Canada and the world. Him and Colt sit down and talk about what happens when WWE isnt calling you. PLUS, CM Punk joins the front half of … Continue reading

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AOW 117: Brooklyn Brawler

WWF Icon, The Brooklyn Brawler joins us. Steve Lombardi was a staple of 80s WWF TV, wrestling everyone from Hulk Hogan to Ultimate Warrior to Roddy Piper and beyond. He now holds a position behind the scenes in the WWE, … Continue reading

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AOW 116: RJ Brewer

Political season is here! RJ Brewer, wrestled as John Walters for 10 years before becoming the anti illegal immigration son of Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer. RJ and Colt discuss his true feelings on the character and some of his other … Continue reading

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AOW 115: Justin Roberts

WWE Ring Announcer, Justin Roberts is our guest this week. You see him every week on RAW announcing wrestlers too the ring, but how much do you really know about Justin? Lets get to know him as Colt and Justin … Continue reading

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