AOW 117: Brooklyn Brawler

WWF Icon, The Brooklyn Brawler joins us. Steve Lombardi was a staple of 80s WWF TV, wrestling everyone from Hulk Hogan to Ultimate Warrior to Roddy Piper and beyond. He now holds a position behind the scenes in the WWE, where he and Colt became friendly.

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5 Responses to AOW 117: Brooklyn Brawler

  1. Tyler Blackkk says:

    I thought colt hated steve lombardi

  2. FatGayRax says:

    Never would have guessed in a million years this episode would happen.

  3. Rob Phoreign says:

    Awesome as always, brother Colt. So is that song at the end, who is it by?
    Thankssss. :)

  4. KDOGG says:

    great, thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!

  5. orville says:

    this is just my opion, but doesnt the brawler sound a lil like rodney dangerfield at times?

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